6 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Website

6 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Website


I imagine the reason most small business owners don’t have a website yet, is likely a financial issue. It may even be that you simply don’t have the time or don’t really know what you’re doing. These aren’t valid excuses, however, now that creating a website all on your own is now easier than ever. With platforms such as WordPress, you can create a website in a matter of hours (full disclosure, I build websites using the WordPress platform). It doesn’t cost much money (actually free but the good plugins and themes cost $$), you don’t need to know any code whatsoever, and most importantly, it’s free advertising. A website, even if you’re not directly selling products or services from the site, has the ability to generate leads 24/7. You’re getting your name out there every time someone needs a product or service related to your business at 5AM, or any time at that. Just think about it, it’s 2019, if you’re not keeping up with technology, what are you keeping up with?

Online Web presence

Technology drives nearly every interaction we make these days. Now whether it’s reaching out to old friends, doing a bit of shopping or doing some research on a product or service you’re interested in, it’s all done online these days. The majority of people use the internet to find out more about a business. They’ve taken to the web over the traditional phonebook, which I’m not sure why they even print that thing anymore. Seems like quite a waste of paper. Though I may be a bit biased towards thinking this way (I am a millennial after all), but that’s all the more reason to believe what I’m saying, I’m not alone in my quest on the internet. I do all my research online before I make any purchases. I want to read reviews, and good ones. I want to find out about the company that makes the products. Where are they located if they have a physical store? Most importantly, I price check online all the time. If I’m shopping at a brick and mortar store, first thing I do when I find something I’m interested in purchasing, I go to amazon. Amazon, for the most part, tends to blow the competition out of the water (though not every time). If it’s a dramatically lower price I’ll hold off and purchase with free two day shipping on Amazon. Same goes with services. With websites like Angie’s List and apps on your smartphone that give you reviews and opinions, right in the palm of your hands, it’s become so easy to build a rapport with your customers. All of these platforms combined is your online web presence. You need to be everywhere all at the same time to get ahead of your competition.

Search Engine Visibility

Your online web presence goes hand in hand with visibility on Google, though they are not exactly the same thing. Having a website definitely is the first step. Your website and it’s content (behind the scenes metadata as well) together create search visibility, so that when people look for products or services similar to what you offer, they can find your brand. Optimizing your website to be able to be found before your competition is called Search Engine Optimization. Now a lot of times you, as a small business, are trying to just get with the times and create your online presence because you were told to. But you’re not quite so adept with it yet, still relying primarily on traditional forms of advertising. Your website is still crucial in these regards.You get to provide 24/7 information for anyone wanting to find out more about your business. So if a customer already is aware of your brand, but wants to do more research on who you are, or maybe how much you cost, your website can write that story for you.

Write Your Own Story

Having a business website also allows you to get your message across faster. You can’t exactly control the reviews you get, but you can tell your story and gear it towards your target market quicker and easier than phone book ads or other traditional advertising mediums. With social media ad campaigns or Google AdWords you can actually choose your demographic, making finding your target audience that much easier. A company blog is the perfect outlet for marketing your own business. There’s a “rule” out there that states only 1% of people actually create content. That means everyone else is consuming content. Content is actually one of the greatest drivers of SEO on your website, and getting that content out there is now even easier with social media integration on your website. You can create links to share your blog post, or any page on your site, which is practically free advertising. Social media does most of the leg work, you just have to create content for consumers.

Customer Service

At this day in age, whether someone is attempting to find your business through social media, Google, or directories like Yelp, your presence is somewhat of an expectation. Going back to my own research done on the internet, I myself kind of expect you to be on the internet. I want to see reviews, I want to learn more about your company, and I do that through these online mediums. Preferably, your own website. I’m actually a bit sketched out if the company doesn’t have a website. Seems almost like your a completely illegitimate business if you don’t. That’s just my opinion, but I’m certain im not the only one who shares that opinion. Having a website really builds a relationship with potential customers. It builds a sort of trust bond between the business and customer. Your customers can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong with the product or service purchased, they can contact you anytime. Your website is the key factor to building that trust.

Building Credibility

Having a website for your small business makes it easy to build your credibility as well. Sure, they can find similar information on social media, or any of the many web directories out there, and you can usually control what is said on those platforms (except reviews still). However, the same message doesn’t translate as well when you tell a potential client, or investor, to visit your social media page. Sending them directly to your website, with a professional and customized look for your business, will certainly turn heads. How does that saying go? You’re never going to get second chance to make a first impression. Your website is a great way to make an astounding first impression. Impress your customers before they’ve even met you, and tell them who you are and what your business stands for through your website. A platform like WordPress makes this all too easy.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

If none of the above reasons have convinced you to build a website for your business, maybe this will. Your competitors likely do it. Now why would you just let your competitor get a one up on you like that? Let me show you. Go, real quick, pull up another browser page and google one of your competitors business names’. Chances are, you found results that not only link to their website, but to social media and directories they may be listed on. All the more reason to have your own website now, you can’t let your competitors get ahead of you. You need to get the one up on them to stay afloat in this dog-eat-dog world.

Maybe you’ve tried before?

Not everyone, even with the ease of WordPress, is technologically inclined to build a website. It’s possible you’ve actually tried one of these online platforms and found it’s not so simple after all. Good news! We’re here to help. Whether it’s a matter of time or inexperience, we are here to help professionally setup and build your online web presence. So unless you’re just not interested in growing your business and branding yourself online, give us a call or leave a message and a few details about your project. We will get back to you in the next 24-48 hours to discuss what it is your small business needs and how we can help you achieve those goals.